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According to IDRS score of MDRF, the study population were classified to be low, medium, and high risk for developing Type 2 diabetes were 34.
Table 3 shows different variables used in IDRS screening questionnaire and their scoring system.
Although various questionnaire methods have been adopted by various organizations, still the IDRS developed by MDRF (By Mohan V et al.
The study has been undertaken using standard tool like IDRS tool developed by MDRF.
10 per subject, while the cost of IDRS screening for one subject would be [?
Table II shows the proportion of NDD subjects identified by different IDRS cut-offs as well as the proportions of all study subjects who would require subsequent OGTT.
1 per cent of subjects with IDRS score [greater than or equal to] 60 tested were NDD subjects (54/413), statistically distinct from those testing negative (3.
1 shows a comparison of the sensitivity and specificity of IDRS and genotyping for identifying individuals with undiagnosed diabetes.
The IDRS 2009 public concert series runs from Tuesday until July 25.