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IDSLISDN Digital Subscriber Line
IDSLISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) Digital Subscriber Line
IDSLIntegrated Data Services Limited (est. 1988; Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation)
IDSLInternet Digital Subscriber Line
IDSLInsurance Database Services Ltd. (UK)
IDSLInternet Domain Services Limited (UK)
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We selected Xpeed's SDSL and IDSL adapters based on cost, ease of installation and our own testing and compatibility trials.
When combined with AccessLan's universal line module which allows dynamic selection of SDSL, IDSL, HDSL2 and G.
Coupled with Motorola's leading communication processors, Motorola's IDSL solution includes the MC145572 transceiver, offering equipment designers best-in-class power consumption, extended reach, high density, ANSI compliance, and a flexible design interface.
In addition to the IDSL and cell-based SDSL capabilities, the Avidia system offers fully compliant G.
The IPD12000 is a chassis-based IP DSLAM that supports ADSL, SHDSL, T1 and IDSL access technologies.
New WebRamp 450i IDSL Extends Ramp's Line of DSL Internet Access Solutions -
A2-4), the company will unveil a series of new products which uses the latest broadband technologies, including ADSL, IDSL, SDSL, and cable technology.
Other test applications include T1, T3, ISDN, IP, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, Datacom, HSSI, Voice Frequency (VF), ADSL, IDSL, SDSL, and G.
Now, U S WEST is meeting the needs of bandwidth-hungry businesses with a new technology-migration program called Digital Anywhere(SM), which packages high-speed ADSL network access with U S WEST's new IDSL (ISDN Digital Subscriber Line) technology.
The StreamLine supports a variety of applications, including voice, high and low-speed data, ISDN and IDSL.