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IDSLISDN Digital Subscriber Line
IDSLISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) Digital Subscriber Line
IDSLIntegrated Data Services Limited (est. 1988; Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation)
IDSLInternet Domain Services Limited (UK)
IDSLInternet Digital Subscriber Line
IDSLInsurance Database Services Ltd. (UK)
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DEAF week is celebrated every year in end of September but International Deaf Sign Language (IDSL) is announced for the very first time.
CASE HISTORY--Here's a case history of how an IDSL and early intervention by an ID specialist could have prevented a disastrous outcome.
(16.) IDSL provides symmetrical connection with Integrated Services
NAR members can receive price reductions on business class ADSL, SDSL, T1, and IDSL services.
IDSL: ISDN DSL offers a rather low speed (144K bps) in both directions compared with other symmetric versions, but it does provide 16K bps more than standard ISDN.
The multi-mode ZipWirePlus and ZipWireMulti solutions support G.shdsl (G.991.2), HDSL (2B1Q), HDSL2 (ANSI T1.418), and integrated services digital network DSL (IDSL).
ACS Internet also offers IDSL service that transmits 128Kbps for $49.95 to $150, based on the customer's choice of minimum speed per second.
The SunSet xDSL boasts a variety of plug-in modules that address numerous transmissions standards such as ADSL, IDSL, SDSL, HDSL and Datacom.
The first of these, originally called ISDN (Individual Subscriber Digital Network), and now called IDSL, provides two 64K data channels, a 16K signaling channel, and a maximum data transmission speed of 144Kbps.
(DSL comes in different varieties: ADSL, RADSL and IDSL. See the related sidebar for a description of DSL types.).
* IDSL uses ISDN technology -- a slower Internet access but still faster than 56K -- to deliver DSL connections at 144 Kbps.