IDSOInterior Design Student Organization (various locations)
IDSOIstanbul Devlet Senfoni Orkestrasi (Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra, Turkey)
IDSOIntelligence Driven Special Operation
IDSOIntellectual Disability Services Officer (Australia)
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Pointing to Mike Hulme's suggestion to build myths and stories around the problem of climate change, the NIPCC authors ask: "When Hulme talks about climate science, is he telling us the truth or one of his 'myths'?" (Idso et al., 2016, p.
The IDSO split of asset ownership and control is especially critical if the distribution utility has not been well quarantined from generation and retailing interests.
Communication and negotiation skills should also be practiced and developed (Idso, 2009; Rich, 2001).
Idso, "Hand-held radiometry: a set of notes developed for use at the workshop of hand-held radiometry," in Proceedings of the Early Warning and Crop Condition Assessment, Phoenix, Ariz, USA, February 1980.
0.0028[T.sub.dp] (1985) 12 [[epsilon]] = 0.56 + Melchor 0.08 [P.sup.0.5.sub.v] (1982a) 13 [[epsilon]] = 0.48 + Angstrom 0.058 [P.sup.0.5.sub.v] (1918) 14 [[epsilon]] = 0.50 + 0.032 [P.sup.0.5.sub.v] 15 [[epsilon]] = 0.62 + Raman (1935) 0.029 [P.sup.0.5.sub.v] 16 [[epsilon]] = 0.34 + Robitzsch 0.110 [P.sup.0.5.sub.v] (1926) 17 [[epsilon]] = (0.135 x [P.sub.atm] + 6[P.sub.v]) / [T.sub.amb] 18 [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT Idso (1981) REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 19 [[epsilon]] = 0.3714 + Sloan et al.
Idso, "Long-term stabilization of earth's surface air temperature by a negative feedback mechanism," Archives for Meteorology, Geophysics, and Bioclimatology B, vol.
Well documented evidence shows that concurrently with the increased C[O.sub.2] levels, extensive, large, and continuing increase in biomass is taking place globally--reducing deserts, turning grasslands to savannas, savannas to forests, and expanding existing forests (Idso 2012).
Idso, "Comparison of field-measured and calculated soil heat fluxes," Soil Science Society of America Journal, vol.
One rainy October evening Aabakken and Svein Idso, his fellow entrepreneur, discussed the problems over a beer.