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IDSTInterdisciplinary Studies
IDSTI Don't See That
IDSTInverse Discrete Sine Transform (mathematics)
IDSTI Didn't Say That
IDSTIf Destroyed Still True (used in class rooms, blackboard shorthand and graffiti)
IDSTInstitute of Defence Scientists and Technologists (India)
IDSTInstrument Development Science Team (US NASA)
IDSTIntegrated Digital Services Terminal
IDSTIntra-Dermal Skin Test
IDSTInformation et Documentation Scientifiques et Techniques (French)
IDSTInternational Deaf Squash Tournament
IDSTIntegrated Digital Skills Trainer
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The 1-D N-point inverse discrete sine transform (IDST) is defined as follows:
To illustrate our approach, we will consider an example for 1-D IDST with the length N = 11 and the primitive root g = 2.
Then both can be efficiently calculated by DCT and IDST, respectively.
Those dogs that were found negative for any etiological agents were selected and subjected for intra dermal allergic skin test (IDST) as described by Medleau and Hnilica (2006).
But the Canaries are in them idst of a crisis and Coventry are no great shakes either, and it may be unwise to attach too much significance to those results.
The debate on bridging the gap between relief and development--between the expensive, large-scale, short-term, externally driven humanitarian interventions that are typical in the m idst of crisis to the more grassroots, longer-term, locally-driven, capacity-building development interventions that must take root in the transition--was particularly influential.
Intradermal skin tests (IDST) are usually done when SPT yields a negative result despite a history compatible with allergic rhinitis.
For precious metals such as gold, prices could go higher in them idst of a recession as investors seek a haven during uncertain times.
Since DST is an orthogonal transform, the IDST matrix is [S.sup.-1] = [S.sup.T].
(OTCQB: IDST) announced today the completion of the company's first Battery Management and Charge Controller System (BMCCS) specifically designed for use with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), a cathode material increasing in use due to its superior safety, lower cost, greater power density and longer lifespan.
Martin's brochure, titled IDST (If Destroyed Still True), drew on that feeling of nostalgia.