IDTCInterdeployment Training Cycle
IDTCIndefinite Delivery-Type Contract(s)
IDTCIndiana Developmental Training Center (Indianapolis, IN)
IDTCInternational Design Trend Center (Seoul, South Korea)
IDTCIce Dance Technical Committee (International Skating Union)
IDTCIthaca Dog Training Club (est. 1951; New York)
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CFFC will also be supported by Commander, 3rd Fleet, who will report on issues pertaining to the development an implementation of IDTC requirements and policies for West Coast naval units.
The CSS Troop's mission is to provide comprehensive logistics support to include supply, ordnance, weapons, First Lieutenant (surface craft & motors), dive, air, "Seabee" support, tactical/non-tactical mobility to SEAL teams, and Multi-Purpose Canine support throughout the IDTC and subsequent deployments.
The air wing and flight-deck personnel had worked closely for the last six months during the IDTC period and were used to seeing the same aircraft,launch sequences, and yellowshirt procedures.
In that time--almost the span of the old Inter-Deployment Training Cycle (IDTC)--NAS North Island has seen the deployment of our supported carriers and every deployable aviation squadron from our four type wings.
It was early in our IDTC and our first period back to sea in several months.
The Interdeployment Training Cycle (IDTC) is dedicated time for training and team building.
Deployments preceding Operation Iraqi Freedom to meet requirements for troop/ equipment movement and projecting power ashore significantly compressed the inter-deployment training cycle (IDTC) and basic training phase (BTP) for many ships.
This simple, but new approach in supply readiness supports fleet surge capabilities by keeping a "steady strain on the line" throughout the IDTC and directly supports the Navy Supply Corps vision of "One team, one focus: bringing logistics to the fight!"
Additionally, a comprehensive review of afloat forces' workload and training has been chartered by CNO to reduce the demands placed upon Navy people during their interde-ployment training cycle (IDTC).
On a daily basis, a significant portion of the Atlantic Fleet is either deployed overseas, conducting underway exercises in preparation for deployment, or is involved in another phase of the IDTC. Recent joint initiatives between the Atlantic and Pacific fleets have led to a major change in the way business is conducted for surface ships and aircraft squadrons in the IDTC.