IDTFInternational Documents Task Force
IDTFInstructor Development Task Force (health care)
IDTFIndependent Diagnostic Testing Facility
IDTFInteractive Data Transmission Facility (IBM)
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This can be done in a number of ways such as telephone direct to the physician office, use of an IVR program through the IDTF or entry through an Internet program accessible by the patient and healthcare professional, sometimes even allowing for a bi-directional communication.
However, revenue included the reimbursement benefit from monitoring patients out of our west coast monitoring facility for which we recently received our IDTF designation.
These new systems stress user-friendly features that include disposable sensing units, leadless data collection, and wearable gateway wireless devices for downloading cardiac event data and uploading it to an IDTF for processing and analysis.
Under the IDTF, SAF servicemen work closely with Home Team agencies to protect key installations.
Owners and managers of hospital and IDTF sleep labs as well as sleep DME services need to check their radar screens regularly for information that will help them make wise management decisions and action plans to keep their sleep business growing and profitable.
QAS is the only company in the US with CMS approval as an IDTF for both outpatient VAD equipment and for INR devices and supplies.
The incorporation and expansion of the Remote Cardiac Service Provider Group establishes a forum for IDTF, academic institutions and healthcare payers who have an interest in the promotion of remote cardiac services.
Additionally, we signed several new IDTF (Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities) contracts.