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iDTVIntegrated Digital Television
IDTVInteractive Digital Television
IDTVImproved Definition Television
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IDTV offers a single remote solution powered by an intuitive user guide.
Cabot Communications, a digital TV software supplier, has announced that it has developed a single software stack IDTV solution that supports both analogue and digital TV broadcasts.
Additionally the IDTV set has a built-in digital satellite tuner giving the viewer access to over 100 Free to Air channels and services.
Deploying Pay-TV service via IDTV and CAM platform is a step that has never been taken by others in the Vietnam market before," said Mr.
For your invitation to see IDTV product at CES, click: www.
In calendar 2005 ATI expects to grow IDTV unit shipments of its Theater(TM) and NXTWave(TM) demodulators and Xilleon(R) MPEG decoders and display processors by approximately 75 percent over 2004.
Homes already watching these services should retune their digital boxes or IDTVs.
idTVs pick up free digital channels such as BBC3 without a Freeview box.
We've got five 32in widescreen Sony idTVs and DVD recorders each worth pounds 1300 up for grabs in our great contest.
IMS Research's forthcoming 201 0 study on The World Market for Set-top Boxes and iDTVs has revealed that hybrid set-top boxes (STBs) are becoming more prevalent in the marketplace than a year ago.
These new modules provide our subscribers with an attractive solution that can be used with iDTVs equipped with satellite tuners which are becoming more and more popular in Croatia.