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In India, the prevalence of HIV varies widely among HRGs including IDUs and ranges from 3% to 70% in different regions as found in one systematic review of various studies.
The RRs of dying from all causes in women living with HIV/AIDS in Puerto Rico were estimated using women who were IDUs as the reference group (Table 2).
" Fresh syringe is a must for IDUs. People often use old or used syringes which not only cause HIV but also Hepatitis- C.
During the period from February 2012 to February 2013, 84 cases with suspected malignant stricture of bile duct were diagnosed satisfactorily through intraductal ultrasonography (IDUS), endoscopic brush cytology and K-ras, P53 gene mutation detection, and results are reported as follows now.
The geographical proximity of Manipur to Burma (Myanmar) and consequently the Golden Triangle drug trail has made it a major transit route for drug smuggling, with drugs easily available and thus sharing needle among IDUs was the most common route in the early part of HIV epidemic in Manipur.
HIV infection has reached greater than 40% among IDUs in at least five cities of the country.
Together with UNAIDS, the NAA has made a quick estimation over a period of six months, which indicated between 15,774 and 32,124 of IDUs in Bucharest (24,000 to 95% IDUs), a figure similar to that recorded the previous year, 2002.
(14) Patients were defined as IDUs if their HIV exposure was recorded as IDU or any exposure combined with IDU; patients with other exposure categories, including unknown or missing exposures, were considered non-IDUs.
Sharing drug-injecting equipment puts IDUs at high risk of HIV infection, hepatitis virus infection, and other infections carried in blood.
In their own countries, IDUs are struggling as well with policies that criminalize drug use and drive populations underground.
IDUS was introduced in the year 2004, bringing together a vast range of designer furniture and individual pieces created through techniques that never seemed imaginable.
For HCV infection, the researchers located eligible reports with data on prevalence of anti-HCV in IDUs for 77 of the 152 countries or territories where injecting drug use has been reported.