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IDVItalia dei Valori (Italian political party)
IDVIntegrated Domestic Violence (courts; various locations)
IDVIndemnité de Départ Volontaire (French: Voluntary Severance Pay)
IDVIndependent Domestic Violence (UK)
IDVInternational Distillers & Vintners (UK)
IDVInteractive Data Visualization, Inc (Lexington, SC)
IDVIndividuelle Datenverarbeitung
IDVInstitut pour Deficients Visuels
IDVIndependent Design Verification (engineering)
IDVInstitutions in Development (various schools)
IDVIn Deo Vivus (Latin: Living in God, epigraphy)
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Nevertheless, the artful use of laboratory visualization together with the use of 3D graphics of the real phenomena, as made possible by IDV software, can perhaps give new life to these classic experiments and enthuse a new generation of online students, helping them to understand the world around them at a deeper level.
IDV Solutions, LLC empowers organizations to take command of risk by delivering threat assessment and command center software that is used to protect people and assets, ensure continuity of operations and create competitive advantage.
The proportion of variation in corruption explained by the three cultural factors (PD, IDV and LTO) also remains high (49 %), but in this case, the Fisher's test (F = 28.
The only linear relationship among the pairs of dependent variables was between PDI and IDV.
Based on Hofstede's model, Chinese score high on PDI and rank low on IDV.
EXHIBIT 4 Individualism and Power-Distance Scores for the Countries with Grameen Replication BOT and BOO Projects IDV PDI Turkey 37 66 Zambia 27 64 Costa Rica 15 35 Guatemale 6 95 Indonesia 14 78 China 20 80 India 48 77 Mexico 30 81 Colombia 13 67 Bangladesh 20 80 Source: www.
According to Hofstede (2001), de Mooij (1998), de Mooij and Hofstede (2002), IDV is defined as the degree of affiliation a given person portrays toward other individuals in society or the extent to which people care about themselves vs.
2010) Country PDI IDV MAS UAI India 77 48 56 40 Germany 35 67 66 65 Tab.
Luigi De Magistris, also from the IDV party, said: "We are witnessing corruption in parliament.