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IDVItalia dei Valori (Italian political party)
IDVIntegrated Domestic Violence (courts; various locations)
IDVIndemnité de Départ Volontaire (French: Voluntary Severance Pay)
IDVIndependent Domestic Violence (UK)
IDVInternational Distillers & Vintners (UK)
IDVInteractive Data Visualization, Inc (Lexington, SC)
IDVIndividuelle Datenverarbeitung
IDVInstitut pour Deficients Visuels
IDVIndependent Design Verification (engineering)
IDVInstitutions in Development (various schools)
IDVIn Deo Vivus (Latin: Living in God, epigraphy)
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Despite the limited samples tested, this study suggests that dromedary camels in East Africa might play a substantial role in the circulation of IDV. Further studies using additional samples from multiple countries are expected to clarify the role of this animal on the ecology and epidemiology of this virus, including its reservoir potential in nature.
These relationships to corruption match earlier results in order of strength as well: IDV and PDI followed by UAI then MAS.
Individualism on the one side versus its opposite, Collectivism, IDV Collectivism, as a societal, not an individual characteristic, is the degree to which people in a society are integrated into groups.
1, 2 and 3 reveal that the highest correlations (which were significant at the 1 % level of significance) between culture and corruption were found in relation to three dimensions of the culture, namely PD, IDV and LTO.
Column one includes MAS as a control variable and the results for the interest variables, IDV, UA and the interaction variables are virtually the same as previous tests.
IDV's powerful Visual Command Center ("VCC") application displays an integrated picture of external threats and events overlaid with an organization's people, assets and supply routes, along with other contextual information to enable timely assessment and operational response.
(NASDAQ: EVBG) has acquired US-based threat assessment and operational visualisation software firm IDV Solutions, LLC, the company said.
IDV is a powerful graphical package, giving us the tools to go beyond the usual horizontal and vertical sections and explore the 3D structure of the atmosphere.
Respecto a la precision en la lectura (NLP, IDP, LPP, LSP y SPP) y la velocidad en la lectura (NLV, IDV, LPV, LSV y SPV) entre los alumnos del grupo control y el grupo experimental, los resultados indican que hay algunas diferencias significativas como lo muestran las tablas 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 y 11.
Em uma pesquisa que correlacionou o IDV e o IFG em pacientes com lesao de massa antes e apos um mes de tratamento cirurgico mostraram correlacoes significativas entre os escores totais dos dois questionarios [5].