IDWGIntrusion Detection Working Group
IDWGIntrusion Detection Working Group (IETF)
IDWGInter-Departmental Working Group
IDWGInterdialytic Weight Gain (kidney failure)
IDWGIdaho Wing (Civil Air Patrol)
IDWGInternet Disruption Working Group
IDWGInter-Divisional Working Group
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Lopez-Gomez, Villaverde, Jofre, Rodriguez-Benitez, and Perez-Garcia (2005) defined IDWG as "mainly the result of salt and water intake between two dialysis sessions" (p.
Correlation between Diet Adherence, Albumin, PreBUN, and IDWG
Asi, respecto a la ingesta de liquidos encontramos que para el IDWG, el grado de adhesion oscila entre un 94,3 y un 87,6%, segun el criterio (6), y para el IWG se situa en un 62,9% de cumplidores.
However, these studies did not examine the effects of these solutions in regard to IDWG.
Spearman's rho correlations were computed between the adherence markers potassium, phosphorous, and IDWG.
Treatment history should include parameters such as any recent change in target weight and how well the change was tolerated and average IDWG.
If the sodium gradient is positive, the plasma sodium after hemodialysis is increased resulting in a higher IDWG by stimulating thirst (Munoz-Mendoza, Bayes, Sun, Doss, & Schiller, 2011).
IDWG was calculated by subtracting the participant's weight after their last HD treatment from the weight before the next HD treatment.
Only one pilot study has evaluated a similar intervention in patients undergoing hemodialysis to improve non-adherence, specifically IDWG (Fisher et al.
The measured clinical outcomes for the previous three-month period include the number of hospitalizations, days in hospital, and adverse graft/fistula events (for example, incidents of clotting or infection), IDWG (mean of IDGW for the 12 HDs during the four weeks preceding the day the questionnaire was completed), and biochemical markers obtained on the day closest to the questionnaire (single-pool Kt/[V.
The motivation for this research was to provide a voice for those who undertake hemodialysis so that clinicians caring for them will be able to comprehend, not assume they understand, the disruption that managing IDWG causes to these peoples' lives.
A single-group study design was used to examine the effectiveness of patient education on fluid compliance, as measured by IDWG (Barnett, Yoong, Pinikahana, & Si-Yen, 2007).