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Reached in Chennai, India, Kirthi Jayakumar, who in 2012 received the US Presidential Medal for her work in promoting gender equality, told reporters that "the goals of REF and IDWP are inextricably intertwined - there can be no peace without equality.
The Committee was told that IDWP has approved the PC-1 for construction of police station and forwarded the same to the Planning Commission of Pakistan for allocation of funds in PSDP during the next financial year 2014-15.
Under the Public Sector Development Programme , the IDWP approved 7 new development schemes and 11 revised schemes with a total estimated cost of Rs.
The sources said that at least Rs 170 million would be spent to improve condition of the basic health centres while the amount would be approved by IDWP in meeting.
The project would be sent to ministry of interior after IDWP clearance and then to ECNEC for approval but the timeframe was not given that how much will it take.