IDWSInterim Defensive Weapon System (US DoD)
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The IDW analysis display provides the means to analyze intra-pulse samples of selected signals.
Unlike the PDW or IDW analysis displays, the RTR is a real time function that presents live data as it is digitized.
Indeed it was a beautiful and sunny, if cool, campus which greeted 186 participants for the longest IDW ever held, finishing late Sunday afternoon after a plenary lecture from 1987 Nobel Laureate Jean-Marie Lehn.
Fortunately, Canadian Immigration did allow Crabtree to enter the country, but not before giving him a hard time because they had no record of an IDW in Toronto this weekend - evidently we should have told them!
The mysterious disappearance and re-appearance of the IDW Bell is part of the conference folklore.
It should be obvious that the IDWS was an ineffective solution at best.
In 1974, the METRO Board of Consultants stipulated that the IDWS chain-link fence be erected between the two tracks at a constant height of 12 feet above track level so it could warn of derailment or a shifting load of lumber, steel beams or ammunition on a flatcar that could rip open an entire METRO train without either train leaving the track.
Specifically, these options include installing an IDWS fence at 12 feet above track level, limiting the speed of both transit and railroad trains when they pass one another, and scheduling railroad trains at periods when transit trains are either not running or running at infrequent intervals.