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In the decryption process, applying Inverse FRFFT (IFRFFT) has been needed after applying Inverse DWT (IDWT) as obtained in Figure 6.
The inverse DWT (IDWT) reconstructions of the slow (a- and b-waves, indicated by the corresponding letters) and fast (OPs, indicated by corresponding numbers) waves are shown as the black and red traces (panels (c) and (d)), respectively.
Finally IDWT is performed after interpolating with half factor of new LL, estimated LH, HL and HH.
Three-level IDWT is performed to reconstruct the image.
On the resulting image an IDWT transformation is applied, producing a Y image.
Lifting Based DWT and IDWT. Lifting scheme is a computationally efficient way of implementing DWT [22, 23].
After that each wavelet coefficient subset can be reconstructed to estimate an effective sEMG component by using the inverse discrete wavelet transform (IDWT) which is computed by using the coefficients of all the wavelet components at the final decomposition level.
Walk of Beauty 2012 was supported by Hard Rock Cafe, Dubai, the partner-sponsors along with In Dubai We Trust (IDWT) Foundation, a non-profit organisation.
Inverse wavelet Transform IDWT or inverse discrete cosine IDCT will be used to modulate spread data symbol on the orthogonal carriers, as in conventional OFDM.
After the embedding process is completed, the new coefficients is reconstructed the wavelet coefficient by using IDWT. In another words the same wavelet filters that are used in the wavelet decomposition must be used in the inverse wavelet and the same thing is applied to the number of the decomposition level.