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(21) (After Porphyry's Isagoge, the ability to laugh became the stock example.) In the Topics, Aristotle calls such a universal an idion kata hauto (an attribute that distinguishes by the nature of the thing) and in the Posterior Analytics a proton katholou (primitive universal).
Idion is a holding company with interest in computer technology and business software development.
(52) Moreover, Aristotle clearly states that earth is not peculiar (idion) enough to be the proximate matter.
But if the proper precedes the common, it is exclusive, idion, which gives idiotes, the person who is private/deprived: deprived of participation, outside the community.
The democratic regime exalts the idion, that which separates, makes us distinct from others; and the democracy of Book 8 has the openness to incorporate all those distinctions, to allow for what is our own, and not to demand the sharing of qualities, place, friends.
To understand why politicians behave as they do, the Greek term 'idioteles society', composed of the word 'idion' which means 'its own' and the word 'telos' meaning purpose or goal, has been utilised elsewhere to describe the nature of Greek politics.(3) It describes the motive for which an act is committed, or the reason for a certain behaviour, in a society where particularistic interests outweigh the public interest.
He goes on to say that if the confederacy (ksympantas) initiates war due to the separate interests of individual states (heneka ton idion), it will be difficult to decide matters between Corinth, Athens, and other cities.
Blue is a serious and interesting attempt to write fiction in the blues idion. Its form prepares us to hope that, if the split in the cultural matrix ever heals, we can all come home.
Because of his long experience with US manufacturing, customs, and idion, Mr Arai is particularly well suited to put what you witness in Japan's factories into perspective.