IE1Immediate Early 1 Protein (virology)
IE1Immediate-Early Gene Product 1
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However, FG performed better than CG in Yo-Yo IE1 (P < 0.
1 Physical activity Moderate-to-vigorous 114 [+ or -] 64 physical activity, min/day Physical fitness Yo-Yo IE1, m 1394 [+ or -] 558 5-m sprint, s 1.
Variaveis selecionadas para a construcao do indicador de infraestrutura das escolas (IIEE) utilizadas nos modelos Dimensao Indicador COD Descricao IE1 Possui esgoto adequado Infraestrutura IE2 Possui agua adequada IE3 Possui iluminacao eletrica INF1 Possui computador Informatica INF2 Possui laboratorio de informatica INF3 Possui acesso a Internet DID1 Possui biblioteca Recursos didaticos DID2 Possui quadra de esportes DID3 Possui laboratorio de ciencias Alimentacao ALIM1 Possui cozinha ALIM2 Possui refeitorio Formacao dos docentes DOC1 Proporcao de funcoes docentes de nivel superior maior que 70% Fonte: Elaborado pelos autores.
Simulation of the reliability surface IE1 (picture 4.
calculated fuzzy reliabilities of the event IE1 and total reliability of the top event TE1.
604-850 West Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6C IE1, Canada, 604-681-2153, fax: 604-681-1049, e-mail: conference@meet-ics.
165 Fishermills Road, Unit 3 Cambridge, Ontario N3C IE1 Canada (519) 654-0003 / 654-9789 (fax)
SIMOTICS XP PORTFOLIO The Siemens Drive Technologies Division has supplemented its Simotics XP portfolio with explosion-proof 1MB10 motors which are available in efficiency classes IE1, IE2 and IE3.
All the motors are available in efficiency class IE1 (standard efficiency), IE2 (high efficiency) and IE3 (premium efficiency) and henceforth contribute in the adequate reduction of energy costs and CO2 emissions during their operation.
There are four classifications; IE1, which is standard efficiency and similar to the previous Eff2; IE2 covering high efficiency, which is more or less equivalent to the old Eff1.
Les profils des 11 municipalites sont sensiblement similaires quant a la qualite de l'air et a la consommation residentielle d'eau (valeurs plus faibles respectivement pour IE1 et IE2).
Agregation des 20 indicateurs de DD Branche Indicateurs E IE1.