IE4Internet Explorer 4
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They will be available in first quarter 2018 and are designed to achieve IE4 or better efficiencies when used with a drive.
Leading gear drive specialist, Bauer Gear Motor, has launched the world's first Ex rated, IE4 Super Premium Efficiency motor.
Kaeser recently introduced the very latest IE4 standard electric motors in its newest range of industrial screw compressors, which is an industry first.
Conversely, Google could decide to cease development of the stock Android browser - much like Microsoft did with IE4 - and push alternative technologies like Native Client or Dart, forcing other mobile operating systems to embrace Google's tech.
Moreover, it achieves 93 percent energy efficiency, which is good enough to meet the International Electrotechnical Commission's IE4 super premium efficiency standard.
Tandis que Rimouski (9eme) obtient une tres bonne note pour son taux de recuperation relativement eleve (IE7) et une meilleure qualite de ses cours d'eau (IE4), et ce, malgre des performances moins convaincantes dans les autres indicateurs.
ie4 = (ms > 0) && (parseInt(vers) >= 4);
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We have a compatibility matrix consisting of IE4 (still used by 3.8 per cent of users), IE5 (68 per cent) and IE6 (17.5 per cent).