IE4Internet Explorer 4
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Fortunately Bauer Gear Motor, part of Altra Industrial Motion, has a long history of working within such sectors and has developed the S Series of Ex rated IE4 motors.
com/windows/ ie/download), but IE4 and the forthcoming IE5 are much more memory hungry.
As mentioned, one of the main ones is IE4 (previously available on every magazine CD on the shelves of the local newsagent), which most users will already have installed if they are in any way interested in having the latest software on their machine and which supplies most of the cosmetic changes, browser-mode windows and the active desktop.
Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) uses a new font format called "OpenType" (formerly TrueType Open) and calls its process IE4 "Font Embedding.
Comprising an IE4 motor, bevel gear and a field distribution system, NORD LogiDrive systems are said to meet all typical performance requirements of baggage handling systems.
The AKH water-cooled motors are energy efficient, reaching efficiency levels up to IE4, enabling users to optimise their processes and they ensure very smooth running and low noise levels, which is vital for users working in confined spaces.
The company says its products are universal and are designed for IE4 standard energy efficient solutions.
Using ECM motor technology, efficiencies greater than IE4 can be achieved.
Recently ABB introduced so-called synchronous reluctance motors that can achieve IE4 levels of efficiency without the use of permanent magnets.
Super premium efficiency class IE4 This package, consisting of a super premium efficiency synchronous motor and matched frequency converter, is designed for maximum efficiency.
The company will feature its tried-and-tested Etaline recirculation pump series with new IE4 (super premium efficiency) electric motors.