IE6Internet Explorer 6 (Microsoft)
IE6Internet Explorer version 6 (Microsoft)
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But Microsoft has recently gone on the charm offensive to shake off any idea it is holding the web back with the global launch of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), and by even advising users to stop using its notorious IE6 browser.
IE6 still gives developers the twitching heebie-jeebies, but IE9 is a completely different beast.
For example, imagine a visitor who comes to your site with IE6 and Flash, or an iPad running Safari.
Igualmente, otros estudios han demostrado que Pseudomonas aeruginosa cepa IE6, coloniza las raices de las plantas y promueve su crecimiento, es supresora de Fusarium solani y Rhi%pctonia solani en tomate, a traves del secuestro de hierro en el suelo, segun ha sido demostrado por Diaz de Villega et al.
Like many institutions, we use the Internet Explorer browser and had been using IE6 for a number of years.
announced IE6's funeral with a site,, that offered a short obituary and an invitation to a wake.<p>"Internet Explorer Six, resident of the interwebs for over 8 years, died the morning of March 1, 2010, in Mountain View, California, as a result of a workplace injury sustained at the headquarters of Google," the obit read.
It said that as a result, some key functionality of the applications would not work when used with IE6. Google Docs is the firms answer to products such as Microsoft Office, whilst Google Sites allows people to create web pages.
Ce sont d'ailleurs au niveau de la densite urbaine (IE6) et des enjeux de mobilite (IE9 et IE10) que Montreal et Quebec ont recu les scores les plus eleves.
As a web designer, I can tell you that the most painful part of any project is when we have to make our lovingly crafted, beautiful creations work on IE6.
Since you will need to move to IE7 when you eventually upgrade to Windows Vista, you might as well switch browsers now; the change from IE6 to IE7 is at least as visually jarring as the change from IE6 to Firefox.
This has allowed Firefox to gain a sizeable share considering it's not backed up by a major corporation like Microsoft.Naturally, Microsoft will 'add some PR spin' to why they've changed their strategy, claiming that IE7 is more secure alternative than IE6 and that higher adoption of the browser will provide more Internet security worldwide.