IE6Internet Explorer 6 (Microsoft)
IE6Internet Explorer version 6 (Microsoft)
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Like many institutions, we use the Internet Explorer browser and had been using IE6 for a number of years.
lt;p>The Google and March 1 references come from the search giant's recent announcement that it would drop IE6 from the list of supported browsers for its Google Docs online applications and its Google Sites hosting services starting on Monday, March 1.
It said that as a result, some key functionality of the applications would not work when used with IE6.
As a web designer, I can tell you that the most painful part of any project is when we have to make our lovingly crafted, beautiful creations work on IE6.
Since you will need to move to IE7 when you eventually upgrade to Windows Vista, you might as well switch browsers now; the change from IE6 to IE7 is at least as visually jarring as the change from IE6 to Firefox.
Naturally, Microsoft will 'add some PR spin' to why they've changed their strategy, claiming that IE7 is more secure alternative than IE6 and that higher adoption of the browser will provide more Internet security worldwide.
Internet Explorer 7: The latest version of the world's most popular Web browser is a much-need improvement over IE6.
Why in the bloody world are you still using IE6 or below?
In terms of functionality, probably the biggest change users of IE6 will notice is that Microsoft has integrated the use of 'tabs' into the browser window.
Y bueno, de algun tiempo para aca hemos tenido excelentes alternativas (gratuitas por cierto) que han resultado ser sorprendentemente buenas comparadas con el IE6, siendo la mas famosa de todas el navegador Firefox, heredero de la tradicion del primer navegador del mundo, el otrora lider Netscape.