IEAGIndia Expert Advisory Group (est. 1999; polio)
IEAGInternational Egg Art Guild
IEAGIndependent Expert Advisory Group (breast implants; Department of Health; UK)
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Since 1967, corporate aircraft owners have trusted IEAG to manage their aircraft with a fully-integrated service offering and unique capability to support its customers throughout the life-cycle of their aircraft.
IEAG offers a full range of MRO and technical services, including non-destructive testing, and has maintenance capabilities and FBO services at airports across Canada.
"IEAG's focus is on Saudi Arabia," says Elbilly, speaking in his office at Dubai Internet City.
Dubai is an ideal platform for IEAG global initiatives and market access."
We form a partnership with our clients to cover the investment related to digitisation, while we let the contractor focus on what they do best," he says, outlining IEAG's business strategy.
We then take the as-built site data and we enrich the model, and through various design templates, we feed the site output into the model," he explains, adding that IEAG's studio and on-site operations collaborate and share data in real time and speak one language.
This is significant in a situation where influential gatherings like the seventeenth IEAG have continued to note with concern that WPV persists as a disease of very young children; recommendations that the younger age groups be immunized, over a shorter period of time, thus continues to be widely urged (30).
This is at least partially attributable to the GPEI management's inability to develop a consistent policy for engagement with the media; although Unicef's presentation at the seventeenth IEAG claimed that there has been a significant reduction in the hostility of local media, a lot remains to be achieved (32).
The IEAG has recommended a total of six National Immunization Day (NIDs), Nine Sub National Immunization Day (SNIDs) and forty Mop Up rounds for the period 2009-10 to 2011-12.
Presentations at the Seventeenth IEAG indicated that of the 473 wild virus polio cases, 85 per cent had received more than three doses of OPV and nearly one-third of them received ten doses or more.
The Seventeenth IEAG noted with concern that WPV continued to be a disease of very young children and recommended that the younger age groups needed to be immunized in a shorter period of time (2).
In May 2006, IEAG recommended increased emphasis on administering a dose of mOPV1 to all infants at birth to 1) vaccinate infants before they are infected with competing enteric pathogens that might reduce the efficacy of OPV and 2) help decrease the population immunity gap in areas of UP at high risk for polio transmission.