IEBLInter-Entity Boundary Line
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Supervisory Order "Entity legislation in Br cko District and the IEBL" (2006).
(IEBL) Lava On the SEETO Route 2a, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Lot 1 referring to Component 1: South end of Banja Luka Bypass Ugar (IEBL) Donji
These terms of reference provide the grounds for the preparation of preliminary studies and designs for the betterment of the main roads M-5 and M-16 on the SEETO comprehensive network route 2a, namely the La va Jajce Ugar (inter-entity boundary line IEBL) Banja Luka Banja Luka bypass (the ~Project~), totalling: L = 168,0 km, namely:
component 1: La va Donji Vakuf Jajce Ugar (IEBL), length = 114,0 km,