IECIIndependent Electoral Commission of Iraq
IECIIndependent Electrical Contractors Inc. (Albuquerque, NM)
IECIIndustrial Electronics and Control Instrumentation (IEEE)
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The Convention for facilitating the international circulation of Films of an Educational Character, initiated by the IECI in Rome, proposed to carry out a wide set of measures for promoting an international exchange of films including granting an exemption from customs fees, setting technical standards, and improving information exchange.
These are evaluated with the corresponding section of the IECI tool (Cortes et al., 2012).
In 2007 the IECI was renamed the IHEC in accordance with Law 11 (2007) of the Council of Representatives (COR).
According to the list the JAC submitted to the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI), Shiite candidates constitute more than two thirds of those excluded from the vote.
Voter turnout was estimated at 78.5 percent of the nearly 2.5 million eligible voters, according to the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI), the national body in charge of overseeing and tabulating the results.
Run by an "Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq" (IECI), the elections were conducted by proportional representation (closed list); voters chose among "political entities" (a party, a coalition of parties, or individuals).
''The secretary general is pleased that the United Nations has been able to support the IECI in conducting the two national elections and constitutional referendum of the past year under challenging circumstances,'' a statement said.
To help Iraq prepare for this election, the United States obligated approximately $130 million to provide assistance to the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI), Iraqi nongovernmental organizations (NGO), and political entities.
Although the Chaldean and Assyrian Christian communities were anticipating barriers to voting--similar to those in January 2005--there were few documented cases of voter intimidation according to the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI).
They have also demanded that the IECI and all its members resign.
Allawi's supporters have questioned whether the IECI is sufficiently independent to issue judgments against powerful political forces such as the UIA.
Others had their goals written in a detailed manifest under their names and a fluttering Iraqi flag.The Iraq Out-of-Country (IOC) voting from December 13 - 15, was part of the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq's (IECI) international efforts to gather as much Iraqi votes in order to bring about an elected parliament.According to the IECI, election posts have been established in 15 countries: Denmark, Holland, Australia, UK, Sweden, Canada, Austria, US, Germany, UAE, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran and Turkey.