IEDBImmune Epitope Database (molecular targets of the immune system)
IEDBInternational Economic Data Bank (Crawford School of Economics and Government; Australian National University Supercomputer Facility)
IEDBIntegrated Enterprise Database
IEDBIntegrated Engineering Database (various organizations)
IEDBIllinois Economic Development Board
IEDBIntron Evolution Database
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PDB Pubmed Science Direct Google UniProt IEDB Resource name Description Founded NCBI Biological Data bank 1931 PDB Protein Structure Database 1971 Pubmed Literature database 1996 Science Direct Literature database 1997 Google Search Engine 1998 UniProt Protein Sequence Database 2002 IEDB Resource for immune epitopes 2014 Table 2.
Ali Saleh-Abadi said that Bank of China is among the ten major banks in the globe and IEDB is to cooperate with it in banking as well as implementation of joint projects.
Conserved peptides were also tested for predicting epitopes that interact with MHC class II molecules by selecting all the alleles in IEDB MHC class II binding prediction tool (
The epitope sequences in the selected regions of DEN-3 Gene Range Linear sequence Reference/ IEDB ID * C ** 81-92 LKGFKKEISNML 24 E ([dagger]) 434-448 VHQIFGSAYTALFSG 1000409 439-453 GSAYTALFSGVSWVM 1000409 444-458 ALFSGVSWVMKIGIG 1000409 449-463 VSWVMKIGIGVLLTW 1000409 454-468 KIGIGVLLTWIGLNS 1000409 474-488 SFSCIAIGIITLYLG 1000409 479-493 AIGIITLYLGAVVQA 1000409 NS1 ([double dagger]) 5-13 VINWKGKEL 1005810 12-20 ELKCGSGIF 24 266-274 GPWHLGKLE 24 294-302 RGPSLRTTT 24 * IEDB ID for direct submission entries; ** Capsid protein with the positively selected K86 shown in bold; ([dagger]) Envelope protein; ([double dagger]) Non-structural protein-1.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Exports Development Bank (IEDB) is to finance a project for energy transit to neighboring Iraq.
The Immune Epitope Database (IEDB) is a repository for T cell and antibody epitopes reported from the published literature [].
These peptide sequences are generally available in specialized epitope databases such as IEDB [15], EPIMHC [16], Antijen [17, 18].
Initially, 128 epitopes were selected based on the highest combined score, but the final selection completed after the antigenicity and immunogenicity prediction of the epitopes through the VaxiJen v2.0 server and IEDB server, respectively.
The prediction of peptides, from P3 mAb [V.sub.H] sequence, with the potential to bind to MHC class I molecules, was performed on February 2, 2013 using the IEDB analysis resource consensus tool [38], which combines predictions from ANN [39, 40], SMM [41], and comblib [42].
The Immune Epitope Database (IEDB) is a free online resource that catalogs and makes accessible to the scientific community epitope-related data derived from allergic diseases, infectious diseases, apart from HIV which is captured separately in the Los Alamos HIV database [1], autoimmune diseases, and diseases associated with transplantation and alloantigens.
This is the additional crosscheck of the predicted MHC restricted allele analysis from the IEDB analysis resources.