IEDDImprovised Explosive Device Disposal
IEDDImprovised Explosive Device Defeat
IEDDInland Empire Derby Divas (California women's roller derby)
IEDDInitial Energy Delivery Date (utility companies)
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EOD - IEDD TEL600 Service Vehicles: The TEL600 series is a family of vehicles that deal with the demanding tasks associated with the location, identification and removal of explosive and incendiary devices, especially in the event that there is suspicion of a dirty bomb.
Army Training and Doctrine Command IEDD Integrated Capabilities Development Team has established an IEDD training Web site as a result of an initiative contained in the Fiscal Year 2007 IEDD Training Strategy.
JIEDDO, Asymmetric Warfare Group [AWG], Training and Doctrine Command's IEDD Integrated Capabilities Development Team [ICDT], and U.S.
(route clearance simulation); Think Like a Commander and Gator 6 (leadership simulations); and planned trial use of virtual training to include the "Virtual Route Clearance Trainer" and improvised explosive device defeat (IEDD) training via Dismounted Soldier.
The readily available and supporting Joint Center of Excellence at Fort Irwin, California, supports training warfighters by "validating and propagating IED defeat (IEDD) tactics, using [tactics,] techniques and procedures (TTP) and lessons learned from theater." (5) The primary outlet for this expertise is found in our combat training centers (CTCs), which provide units with a wealth of experience and resources in a hyperrealistic training environment.
The portrayal of a division improvised explosive device defeat (IEDD) working group, which included representatives from all the division's units, gave the 18th Engineer Brigade staff the opportunity to prepare for and participate in a division-level working group.
Now the branch may be responsible for supporting improvised explosive device defeat (IEDD), analyzing host nation infrastructure for intelligence preparation of the battlefield, or monitoring current and future planned reconstruction and development projects.