IEDMInternational Electron Devices Meeting
IEDMIndustry, Economic Development and Mines (Canada)
IEDMInformation Exchange Data Model
IEDMInstitute Économique de Montréal
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The IEDM program helps the next generation of global leaders prepare for and respond to a wide variety of natural, technological, and man-made disasters.
Also with one of its newly published papers at 2018 IEDM, Samsung Electronics shared the development progress of 3nm, a successful demonstration of fully functioning high-density SRAM circuit.
Finally at IEDM, imec presented what it called the first PPAC analysis of different sequential 3D-integration variants using advanced 5-nm and 3-nm CMOS technology nodes.
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(IEDM), and has the option to raise its stake to as much as 20 percent.
"Operations are under Technical Services Agreement with a Nigerian investment company Integrated Energy Distribution and Marketing (IEDM)," Reyes has explained.
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