IEDTIllinois Electricity Distribution Tax
IEDTIndustrial Education and Technology (Iowa State University; Ames, IA)
IEDTIntra-Oral Enamel Demineralization Test (dentistry)
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The IEDT approach uses an inconspicuous, ordinary, tensioned steel wire as an extended sensor.
Other advanced concepts IEDT is exploring for integration into sensor fence systems for automated security include using computer-controlled nonlethal weapons such as sting balls, pepper spray and even nets to deter or apprehend an intruder without harm.
Through IEDT, Penn State is working with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, the Pennsylvania State Police, the New York City Police Department, the National Institute of Justice and police agencies in the United Kingdom to support law enforcement's need for new approaches and technologies to improve its ability to maintain public order and public safety.
For example, IEDT and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department conducted the first assessment of less-than-lethal munitions, such as rubber bullets, and found that these projectiles do not approach the accuracy demanded of their lethal counterparts.
Other projects being conducted at IEDT range widely from noise reduction in military armored vehicles to better sensors for detecting toxic chemicals or biological agents potentially used in terrorist attacks.