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IEEInstitution of Electrical Engineers
IEEIndependent Educational Evaluation
IEEInitial Environmental Examination
IEEIntegrated Enterprise Excellence (enterprise management system based on Deming principles)
IEEInstituto Estatal Electoral (Spanish: State Electoral Institute; Mexico)
IEEInitial Environmental Evaluation
IEEInsurance Expense Exhibit
IEEInformatics Education Europe
IEEIdiopathic Eosinophilic Esophagitis
IEEInstitute of Entrepreneurial Excellence
IEEInterim Expendable Emitter
IEEInnovation and the New Economy
IEEInternational Education and Exchange (various locations)
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IEE display products are found in virtually every environment and application worldwide.
5(c)(1) limits the parents' rights to an IEE by giving the public agency an opportunity to conduct an assessment in an area not covered by the initial evaluation or reevaluation before the parents are granted the IEE.
Extension educators' willingness to participate in an IEE may be negatively affected by the cost of the trip (Harder et al.
La primera tabulacion solo utilizaba el PEPS obtenido por el primer estimulo y evaluaba su comportamiento a lo largo del tiempo; por otra parte, la segunda tabulacion utilizaba el cociente del segundo PEPS sobre el primer PEPS en cada grupo de IEE (el promedio de los 30 pares).
En el grupo de adquisicion con IEE largo E1 iba seguido por una mascara, hasta que transcurrian 282 ms y, a continuacion, se presentaba E2 sobre la misma mascara durante 105 ms.
As part of CIP, IEE II is not only meant to help achieve the overall policy goals of the Lisbon agenda, but is more specifically meant to support the implementation of the EU's energy legislation, such as the Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings, the Directives Ecodesign and the labelling of energy-related products, the Energy Star Agreement, and the Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources.
IEE of educational institution is a complex system, that accumulates the software and methodical, organizational and technical resources, along with intellectual and cultural potential of the university, informative and activity components of the learners themselves and teachers, the management of such system is based on the goals of society, trainees and teachers.
The IEE programme for 2003-2006 had a budget of 250 million and supported almost 450 projects with over 1,700 bodies participating.
The IEE programme for 2003-2006 had a budget of C250 million and supported almost 450 projects with over 1,700 bodies participating.
Despite all we have said and read about the status of professional engineers, the IMechE has followed the lead of the once great IEE in admitting Eng Tachs to full membership.
According to the guidelines, available data support the use of IEE in the detection and treatment of early squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus, early gastric cancer, and superficial colorectal lesions.