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IEEInstitution of Electrical Engineers
IEEIndependent Educational Evaluation
IEEInitial Environmental Examination
IEEIntegrated Enterprise Excellence (enterprise management system based on Deming principles)
IEEIntelligent Energy for Europe (EU)
IEEInternational Elevator & Equipment (Philippines)
IEEInternational Education and Exchange (various locations)
IEEInvalid Escape Expression
IEEInstituto Estatal Electoral (Spanish: State Electoral Institute; Mexico)
IEEInitial Environmental Evaluation
IEEInsurance Expense Exhibit
IEEInformatics Education Europe
IEEIdiopathic Eosinophilic Esophagitis
IEEInstitute of Entrepreneurial Excellence
IEEInterim Expendable Emitter
IEEInnovation and the New Economy
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In one such case in 2014, the environmental watchdog approved a traffic improvement plan through an IEE.
Fresnedi, all of whom took the time to express their congratulations, their pride, and heartfelt thanks to IEE and all that it has contributed in the elevator and escalator, air-conditioning, refrigeration and factory automation sectors.
After IEE celebrates its 50th year of service to the Philippine market, Ocampo said they are looking at providing a total package for buildings systems from aircon to moving walks to security systems.
The documents added that of the 143 IEE applications, the EPA approved some 51 applications while 19 were under consideration whereas 15 were rejected.
The newly launched PSY Series reflects Mitsubishi Electric and IEE's 'Changes for the Better' mantra, which means spurring continual change and growth by offering only the best services and latest technologies for the betterment of the community.
IEE has been developing products in alignment with the FACE Technical Standard, including a 6"x8" MFD LCD display that can be used as an avionics platform on almost any aircraft.
This is the first time that goods for exports from two terminals of the country were traded on IEE.
El aparente retroceso del lustro siguiente obedece, como subraya Rubio, a que las estadisticas del IEE computan solamente a los emigrantes <<asistidos>> (18).
Ante este incidente, de inmediato reacciono el dirigente nacional del PRI, Cesar Camacho Quiroz, quien califico como "indebida, ilegal e irresponsable" la declaracion de la presidenta del IEE, que "con absoluta ligereza, sin que hubiera para entonces terminado el computo en el municipio de Manzanillo, adelanto visperas generando confusion entre los ciudadanos de Colima".
The issue raised by OSERS Letter to Baus addresses a very important issue, namely whether the parent can include skills not addressed by the SDs evaluation within an IEE. OSERS is certainly noting that the parent has the right to address this issue.
The IEE, a think tank close to the Spanish Confederation of Employers' Organizations (CEOE), released a study on Thursday comparing manufacturing labour costs per hour in 28 different countries.
O Indice de Energia Eletrica (IEE) tem por objetivo oferecer uma visao seccionada do mercado acionario, medindo o comportamento do setor de energia eletrica.