IEEAFInternet Educational Equal Access Foundation
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Our goal is to enable the `Global Quilt,'" said IEEAF Board Chair Don Riley, VP and CIO, University of Maryland.
Geographic Network Affiliates International (GEO), which has played a pivotal role in the Tyco Telecommunications donation to the IEEAF, will be present at iGrid2002 promoting the Global Medical Research Exchange (GMRE) initiative, a worldwide application that exemplifies the collaborative capabilities of the Grid for high bandwidth utilization of IP for medical purposes.
Through partnerships and alliances between government, private sector entities, educational institutions and other non-profit organizations, IEEAF fosters global educational collaboration and equitable access to network resources: the "Global Quilt.
The OC-192 line used in this test was a standard SONET line provided by Tyco Telecommunications (a Tyco Electronics Company), Morristown, New Jersey, to the IEEAF.