IEEE 1394

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IEEE 1394Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers high speed serial bus standard (aka FireWire and i.Link)
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Consumers can connect a DV camcorder directly to the recorder utilizing the IEEE 1394 port on the front of the unit, making it a home moviemaker's dream.
AMI-C's Malhotra says, "When we have discussions about future technology roadmaps with OEMs and suppliers, the general consensus is that 1394 seems to have a longer technology road map since it goes into higher and higher bandwidths." Ti's Little, who as the former chairman of the IEEE 1394 Automotive Working Group is not exactly a disinterested party, sees MOST not as competition but as a precursor and "launching pad" for 1394.
Now, USB is poised to greatly expand its realm and move into the highly lucrative-and highly competitive--consumer electronics market, a market currently dominated by IEEE 1394, also called FireWire.
Fujitsu has also included an S-video out port so that users can connect their notebook to a television or projector, as well as an IEEE 1394 port and four USB ports included as part of its standard configuration for fast digital video and data transfer.
Branded ServoWire SM, the new technology combines PC hardware and software standards with IEEE 1394 (FireWire) servo drive networking and provides OEMs with a method of controlling up to sixteen servos.
-- Latest I/O technology -- Four USB ports and two IEEE 1394 ports for peripherals.
An optical digital out (SPDIF) port, for transferring digital audio to a mini-disc recorder, and an IEEE 1394 port are included as part of its standard configuration for fast digital video and data transfer.
"What really makes this camera special is its combination of near-UV sensitivity, high spatial resolution and its IEEE 1394 digital interface."
Some of the new features in version 2.0 are: Automated Delineation Parameters, Improved Scaling Methods, User Selectable Editing Colors, Fire Wire DV Input (IEEE 1394), Automatic Report Generation, Software Protection (Dongle - Parallel or USB), Software on CD-ROM, Extensive Help File in English and Spanish, and a Step-by-Step Computerised Tutorial.
The unit's design features include a -40 [degrees] to 900 [degrees] C broad thermal dynamic range (with up to 2000 [degrees] C upper range limit optional), full onboard data recording and analysis, built-in real time digital recorder, 5-inch colour LCD and data output via IEEE 1394 Firewire PC interface.
It is designed to control multiple IEEE 1394 compliant and compatible images on PC or video monitors, store images on local media or a network, share images via e-mail, print images to a local printer, and allow remote access to images through the Internet.