IEEPInstitute for European Environmental Policy (UK)
IEEPInland Empire Economic Partnership (California)
IEEPInternational Environmental Education Programme (UNESCO; UN Environment Programme)
IEEPIndependent Energy Efficiency Program (New York)
IEEPIntelligent Energy Europe Programme (EU)
IEEPInstitute for Ethics and Economic Policy (Forham University; New York, NY)
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It is this legacy--where to this day white Zimbabwean and white South African-owned companies, and other Western multinationals dominate the Zimbabwean economy--that the IEEP seeks to overturn.
Carolina Valsecchi, from the IEEP, said: "The twin crises of obesity and climate change are clearly interlinked through the switch from muscle power to engine power for transport.
4 Several New Ethane Plants Came On-stream after the Modification of the IEEP in 2011
In order to ensure swift uptake of European environmental research into policy making, KNOSSOS, with its partner IEEP, the Institute for European Environmental Policy, will issue monthly policy briefs for European, national and international policy makers.
The Agroenergy Conference, 28-31 October 2007, generated a unified common position (first time) from a broad coalition of actors: Via Campesina Brazil (seven social movements, including: Rural Youth Pastoral (PJR), Pastoral Land Commission (CPT), the Federation of Agronomy University Students (FEAB), and the peasant movements: Landless People's Movement (MST), Small Producers Movement, (MPA) Peasant Women Movement (MMC), Dam Affected People's Movement (MAB) and Missionary Indigenist Council (CIMI); Central Workers Union (CUT), REBRIP, FBOMS, Terra de Direitos, Friends of the Earth - Brazil, FASE, IEEP, REPAS, Cooperbio, Ecossocialist Network, Fetrasp, Feraesp, SindPetro, Dhesca Brasil.
The IEEP report does recognise implementing such a policy would be expensive but says the money would be recouped through savings for the health service in years to come.
Jafri was the man who helped form Karachi Center of the Institution of Electrical Engineers Pakistan IEEP now IEEEP.
The number of companies working with the Inland Empire Economic Partnership (IEEP) in 2005 jumped by 20 percent over the previous year, said Paul Hiller, CEO of IEEP, which is the region's leading economic development organization.
Qureshi is an active member of many institutions: IEP, IEEP, Pakistan HVACR Society, IEEE USA, ASHRAE USA and Pakistan, Pak Computer Society and Illumination Society of Pakistan.