IEGBIngénierie en Écologie et Gestion de la Biodiversité (French: Ecology Engineering and Biodiversity Management)
IEGBImpressive Edge Group Berhad (Impressive Edge Corporation; Malaysia)
IEGBInterstellar Electric Gnome Band
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Intraoperative extension gap balance (iEGB) was 2.6 [+ or -] 2.0[degrees] varus versus a postoperative extension gap balance (pEGB) in neutral position of 0.77 [+ or -] 1.8[degrees] valgus, a statistically significant difference (P < 0.01) (Figure 3(a)).
To evaluate how well intraoperative gap balances correlate with postoperative gap balances, we performed a correlation analysis between iEGB and pEGB and between iFGB and pFGB.
In our study, mean intraoperative gap balance in extension (mean iEGB = 2.6[degrees] varus) improved postoperatively to a mean value of 0.77[degrees] valgus.