IEIPInternational Emerging Infections Program (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
IEIPIntensive Early Intervention Program (autism care; Canada)
IEIPInter-Enterprise Integration Platform (e-commerce)
IEIPInstitute of European Integration and Policy (Greece)
IEIPInternational Exchange of Information on Physicians (working group)
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Justice Kiteley found that the government had accepted that there is a financial benefit from the program and, "[f]urthermore, it is difficult for the defendant to support the limited financial resources argument when the IEIP has been operating in a surplus.
108) Whether this unwillingness to defer to the Crown will continue in the appeal of Wynberg, the pending Ontario class action suit concerning the same IEIP, and as more aspects of health care come to be covered by patents remains to be seen.
In December 2001, IEIP Thailand and the Southeast Asia Regional Office of the World Health Organization hosted a training course on anthrax, attended by 64 participants from 16 countries.