IEISIntegrated Earth Information Server
IEISInstitute for European Intelligence and Security (Brussels, Belgium)
IEISInstitute for European and International Studies (Luxembourg)
IEISInstitute for Environmental and Industrial Science (Texas State University)
IEISIndian Experiment of Infarct Survival (medical study)
IEISIdiopathic Environmental Intolarence Syndrome
IEISInductors of Endogenous Interferon Synthesis
IEISImmediate Endoscopic Injection Sclerosis (gastroenterology)
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He said that the NBTE had been encouraging the establishment of more private polytechnics, IEIs and EVIs to diversify and expand access to technical skills-based training.
68 se menciona como deben de estar los porticos libres para el trafico peatonal, de manera que esten abiertos y no cerrados: legibus procuratio est erit, ne quis in ieis loceis inue ieis porticibus quid inaedificatum inmolitomue habeto, neue ea loca porticumue quam possideto neue eorum quod saeptum clausumue habeto quo minus eis loceis porticibusque populus utatur pateantu.
The IEIS will concentrate on implementing existing energy-saving technologies; generating energy from sustainable sources; and developing new ways to create, transmit, store and use energy.
These were administered a questionnaire containing, as well as the IEIS, over 100 other questions on topics such as consumer products and international firms.
As I nevyrmore dede towch here syde, Ieis day help me fro werdly schame.
The institutions consist of 20 private polytechnics, four Colleges of Health Sciences and Technology and 32 Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEIs).
'The 100 cut-off mark in UTME is not an admissible score for most institutions apart from the Innovative Enterprise Institutions (IEIs) which award the National Innovative Diploma (NID).
The rule is of the nature: be plus the ing form of the verb (ieis going; was singing; werewashing; are training; etc).
- Within 30 days to submit any remaining information requested by WVDEP for issuance of the NPDES permit modification to incorporate regulated activity at IEIs Plant No.
Nanoparticles Applications Center, a unit with the Institute for Environmental and Industrial Science (IEIS) at Texas State University (San Marcos, TX), has begun the publication of Nano-Express, a new publication designed to cover information on technology advances, applications and industry news for nanotechnology professionals.
THE Federal government has dispatched teams of experts to monitor licensed Innovation Enterprise Institutions (IEIs) in the South-West states of Nigeria.
The degree will be awarded by the Indian Educational Institutions (IEIs) alone; joint degrees are not permitted.