IEJInternational Education Journal (Australia)
IEJIsrael Exploration Journal (Israel Exploration Society)
IEJItala Esperantista Junularo (Esperanto: Italian Esperanto Youth; est. 1947; Italy)
IEJInternational Educators to Japan (program)
IEJInternational Endodontic Journal
IEJIndian Economic Journal (Indian Economic Association)
IEJInstitute for Excellence in Justice (Columbus, OH)
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Intracorporeal esophagojejunostomy (IEJ) avoids the mini-laparotomy and provides better operative view than does EEJ, but it requires greater skill.
En este punto, el Tribunal recomienda que para ser beneficiario de fondos europeos la Comision debiera proponer el cumplimiento, por parte de los Estados, de un conjunto de atributos cualitativos basados en los elementos que define una "buena oferta" en las orientaciones de la Comision para la evaluacion de la IEJ (21).
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As the name implies, the IEJ is an interactive tool that students use for documenting their engagement throughout all phases of design.
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The reference work is 25 pounds, plus packaging and postage, from NTC Publications Ltd., Farm Road, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 IEJ, United Kingdom.
Main features: the purpose of this contract is to provide support to the departments in charge of the erdf / esf / iej champagne-ardenne, erdf / esf / iej lorraine massif des vosges, feder alsace and esf / iej alsace operational programs in the revision of the programs and the development of perspectives 2023.
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