IELAInternational E-Learning Association
IELAInitiative for Equitable Library Access (Library and Archives Canada; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
IELAIrish Exhibition of Living Art (est. 1943)
IELAInsurance Environmental Litigation Association
IELAInternal Elastic Lamina Area (vascular surgery)
IELAInternational Exhibitions Logistics Associates
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The IELA awards were established to allow IELA companies to survey the service quality of other IELA agents.
The IELA organization was formed to establish standards of performance for contractors involved in the physical movement of material to and from an exhibition site, as well as for contractors providing customs clearance, lifting, handling, trucking and storage services on-site.
Margaret Churchill, Vice President, Agility Fairs & Events, USA commented: C[pounds sterling]This is a highly prestigious award and Agility F&E is delighted to have been recognized for industry excellence by IELA.