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Abdullah Al Abdooli, CEO of Al Marjan Island, said: "We have been witnessing significant investor interest from Russian and CIS investors, and through our participation at the Moscow and Kyiv IELP Expos, we presented the differentiating value propositions of Al Marjan Island and Ras Al Khaimah, and gained strong investor interest.
TENET #1: IELP seeks to identify and explain significant, important, and illuminating aspects of the nature of law, and consider what it is for law to have a nature, and how truths about its nature are to be ascertained.
This tenet of IELP firmly indicates my belief in the possibility of, and value of engaging in, general jurisprudence, because, in speaking of seeking to understand the nature of law, a distinction is embraced, i.e.
IELP's strong emphasis on identifying and explaining law's significant and important features, and its claim that it is necessary to make indirectly evaluative judgements in order to do so, are also key to the character of this methodological stance.
TENET #2: IELP seeks to understand and be sensitive to the ways in which the questions of legal philosophy arise in and change over time.
IELP seeks to emphasize and explore the sense in which the questions of legal philosophy have not remained the same throughout the history of the discipline, but rather arise in and change over time, in response to changing interests and concerns.
TENET #3: IELP seeks to adequately account for, and explain the relevance of, the self-understandings--in terms of the concept of law and related concepts--of those who are subject to, create, and administer the law.
Although in hindsight Chris might have asked for more to stay than he did, he stayed and eventually IELP was born--the first, and to this day, the only, international environmental legal clinic.
The student demand soon followed, but Dean Huffman did not just sit back and watch IELP flourish.
As a student in IELP in 2004, I wrote a paper on compliance and enforcement issues for use at the CITES COP held in Bangkok in October of that year.
I now practice international environmental law with IELP, and when I think about whom to thank, a number of people come to mind, but Dean Huffman's entrepreneurial spirit and his investment in students' experiences at Lewis & Clark stand out, making Dean Huffman particularly important to thank.
(1) IELP provides a host of international environmental law opportunities for students, including drafting a sea turtle conservation treaty for Central American countries, petitioning NAFTA's environmental commission with a claim that the United States was failing to enforce the Migratory Bird Treaty Act against loggers, drafting legal documents for the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna, and petitioning the World Heritage Commission to list Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park as a World Heritage Site in Danger Due to Climate Change.