IEMCAInternational Electronics Manufacturers and Consumers of America
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SPM bought its first Miyano BNE 345 CNC lathe outfitted with an IEMCA Boss 542 barfeeder to produce a variety of hydraulic components.
The IEMCA Boss 542 barfeeder on the Mivano BNE 34S features an auto-loading magazine for 12' bars up to 2" diameter.
The Miyano BNE 51 is equipped with the IEMCA TAL 65 barfeeder.
The company acquired its first Star SR-20R machine with IEMCA Genius 120 CNC barfeeder late last year and followed up by buying another one several months later.
That IEMCA lifted the anxiety veil around running 24 hr a day is something Mr Hutton admits was a relief but is something that should have been expected.
There are two things to think about regarding IEMCA service," Mr Hutton says.
An important observation here is that Johanson has plans to put IEMCAs on all its cam machines for 24-hr operation to handle the company's planned growth and expansion.
The company passed its goal for sales of IEMCA barfeeders in October, and as you look down one bay at its manufacturing facility, you can't help noticing four new Turmat Multi-axis Rotary Transfer Machines in the final stages of run off.
If that meant attending machine tool shows in California and Chicago and visiting Italy before settling on an IEMCA magazine bar feeder, that's what he would do.
Multi-tubes, like the MAXIS series from IEMCA, feature five or six different size tubes that are rotated into position to feed different sized bar stock to the lathe.
IEMCA line of bar feeding devices from Hydromat includes the MAXIS series of hydrodynamic multi-tube bar feeders and the CNC Boss and TAL models of automatic bar feeders that feature a two pusher system to reduce floor space.