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The eastward movements or extensions of the MH and AH, which have quasi-baroclinic GH structures in the lower and middle troposphere, and their impacts on the PSCPRS anomalies are further studied using the definitions of the IEMH and IEAH.
The blue rectangular boxes represent the MH (25[degrees]-35[degrees]S, 40[degrees]-90[degrees]E) and AH (25[degrees]- 35[degrees]S, 120[degrees]-150[degrees]E) regions; the red rectangular boxes represent the IEMH (25[degrees]-35[degrees]S, 90[degrees]-110[degrees]E) and IEAH (25[degrees]-35[degrees]S, 150[degrees]-170[degrees]E) regions.
Caption: Figure 10: Correlation between the 850 hPa meridional wind, surface wind divergence, and velocity potential with the (a)-(c) IEAH and the (d)-(f) IEMH. Significant values exceeding the 90%, 95%, and 99% confidence levels (t-test) are shaded.