IEMIIntentional Electro-Magnetic Interference
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In the first place attempts have been made to show that "Hesiod" is a significant name and therefore fictitious: it is only necessary to mention Goettling's derivation from IEMI to ODOS (which would make `Hesiod' mean the
The OTS IEMI Wall can be constructed to protect existing facilities without the disruption of developing an entirely new structure.
En ambas exploraciones (ya sea hueso seco o CBCT) se encontro una importante cantidad de foramenes ubicados en las siguientes 3 posiciones: SEMS (hueso:55; CBCT: 61), EEMSI (hueso:17; CBCT:15) e IEMI (hueso:66: CBCT 92).
Os dados obtidos junto ao IEMI serviram para a analise quantitativa em nivel de APL, enquanto aqueles obtidos por meio de questionarios aplicados a 12 industrias locais foram a base da analise qualitativa, em nivel de industria.
To issue of Afghan SIMs and usage of IEMI no chairman PTA said that authority would soon introduce "Type approval Cell" system to curb illegal ways of calling and usage of illegal SIMs.
He further told that without IEMI number no phone set can be imported.
Wik, "Introduction to the special issue on high-power electromagnetics (HPEM) and intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI)," IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Vol.
FIA officials further informed that after research conducted by FIA it is learnt that millions of mobile phones in the country have same IEMI number and are smuggled in the country from abroad.