IEMNInstitut d'Electronique et de Microelectronique du Nord (French)
IEMNInstitute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (France)
IEMNInstitut d'Electronique de Microélectonique et de Nanotechnologie
IEMNInstitute d'Economie et de Management de Nantes (French: Institute of Economics and Management of Nantes; Nantes, France)
IEMNInstitut des Etalons de Mesure Nationaux (French; Canada)
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This activity has been developed in cooperation with IEMN (Lille), CEA LETI, ST Microelectronics and the former Alcatel Microelectronics, as well as various European universities.
The key areas of research undertaken at IEMN include studies on modern electronics, innovative materials, microelectronics and nanoelectronics, microwaves, optoelectronics, electromagnetics, acoustics, ultrasound, microsystems, sensors and instrumentation.
The research at IEMN is organized around seven scientific themes, all except one of which, acoustics, have microwave applications.
ensuring the balance of inter-use these quotas in close consultation with the manager of the ahl this case with IEMN.
Section 1: reinforcement of drinking water supply mesh IEMN over a length of 4600 m between the stations and La Blan Rivayri.
Information on the overall operation The overall operation proposed is intended to permit water supply territories Graulhet of SIAEP Sant and Vielmur-St-Paul by IEMN for.
Unit 1 is divided into 4 lots - Lot 1: study of a new method of testing susceptibility to IEMN equipment; : - Lot 2: study of pilot software tools; : - Lot 3: exploitation of results; : - Lot 4: Experimental demonstration of the new method.
IEMN is a CNRS laboratory consists of 18 research groups working on five research areas:
The Workforce IEMN fluctuates between 480 and 550 people.