IEMNInstitut d'Electronique et de Microelectronique du Nord (French)
IEMNInstitute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology (France)
IEMNInstitut d'Electronique de Microélectonique et de Nanotechnologie
IEMNInstitute d'Economie et de Management de Nantes (French: Institute of Economics and Management of Nantes; Nantes, France)
IEMNInstitut des Etalons de Mesure Nationaux (French; Canada)
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Caption: Demonstration by Tektronix and IEMN of a single-carrier 100-Gb/s wireless link Courtesy of Tektronix
This activity has been developed in cooperation with IEMN (Lille), CEA LETI, ST Microelectronics and the former Alcatel Microelectronics, as well as various European universities.
The principal branches of research undertaken at IEMN include work on modem electronics, innovative materials, microelectronics, microwaves, optoelectronics, electromagnetics, acoustics, ultrasound, microsystems, sensors and instrumentation.
Mustapha Iftissane, Electronic and Telecommunications Laboratory, EMI, Rabat - Morocco Seddik Bri, Material and Instrumentation Group, ESTM, Meknes - Morocco Lahbib Zenkouar, Electronic and Telecommunications Laboratory, EMI, Rabat- Morocco Ahmed Mamouni, MITEC group, Institute of Electronics, the Microelectronics and Nanotechnology, UMR CNRS 8520 IEMN, City Scientifique, Avenue Poincare - B.P 60069 59652, Lille- France.
He visited and worked at several universities and research centers including Cairo University; the Centre Hyperfrequences et Semiconducteurs at Universite de Lille / in France; University of Ottawa in Canada; the University of Texas at Austin, NASA'S Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, CA; CST-Motoroto Inc., Tempe, AZ,' iemn, Universite de Lille, France; and the Swiss Federal Research Institute (ETH).