IEMPInstituto de Estudios del Ministerio Público (Spanish: Institute for the Study of Public Prosecutions; Colombia)
IEMPIntegrated Enterprise Management Program (US NASA)
IEMPInstallation Emergency Management Plan (US Air Force)
IEMPInformation Economics, Management, and Policy (University of Michigan)
IEMPIntegrated Environmental Management Project
IEMPInternational Elite Makeup Professional (certification)
IEMPInternal Electromagnetic Pulse
IEMPInternational Energy Management and Policy
IEMPInternational Engine Management Program (USAF deficiency reporting)
IEMPInstallation Equipment Management Program
IEMPIglesia Evangélica Misionera del Pacto
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Since GAO last reported on NASA's IEMP efforts, NASA implemented its IEMP contract management module and upgraded the software used for its core financial module.
The business continuity plan component of the IEMP focuses on a major health emergency such as a pandemic flu and prepares the University to act in response to such a crisis.
Recognizing that the NASA core financial solution needed enhanced functionality in the area of federal contract generation, NASA procurement lobbied IEMP for a federal procurement bolt-on application to the core financial software.
* Supply security: There will be no degradation of the current levels of energy reliability and supply security as a result of the IEMP recommendations.
This unprecedented situation required the F-5 TCG team to request assistance from other areas-CAD/PAD, Landing Gear, Electrical, Structural, Mechanical, Life Support, IEMP, etc.
Metallic cabins or enclosures have been widely used for protecting various electronic circuits and communication systems from the attack of certain intentional electromagnetic pulse (IEMP), which can be generated by high-power antennas, nuclear explosions and highly directed electromagnetic weapons [1], etc.
* The Technical Coordination Programs (TCPs) and International Engine Management Programs (IEMPs) provide direct case funded technical and engineering support for the FMS countries that choose to participate.