IENGIncorporated Engineer (United Kingdom)
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'If this plan can be achieved, it will contribute a lot to the garment industry in Cambodia,' said Sou Ieng.
Phelps became a member of the IED with registration as IEng in 2005; he has been an industrial liaison officer for AWE since 2006.
Institutions can nominate up to five candidates who have achieved IEng status during 2015, and who have displayed outstanding ability to apply engineering knowledge, strength of commitment to the engineering profession, excellent communication skills and demonstrated managerial qualities.
Of the numerous Khmer Rouge (Democratic Kampuchea) officials who handed down the orders for the torture leading to death of countless thousands, and the massacre of some two million of Cambodia's eight million people at this time, through starvation, overwork or execution, Ieng Thirith couldn't have been much closer to the top of the command chain.
A tribunal spokesman, Neth Pheaktra, said Ieng Thirith would be freed today from the tribunal's detention facility if prosecutors do not appeal.
They deny the charges and Ieng Sary has indicated he will not co-operate with the tribunal.
A fourth defendant, 79-year-old Ieng Thirith, was ruled unfit to stand trial last week because she has Alzheimer's.
"Don't accuse me of being a murderer, otherwise you will be cursed to the seventh circle of hell" - Ieng Thirith, the so-called "first lady" of the Khmer Rouge who faces accusations of crimes against humanity.
Ieng Thirith, 76, was Cambodia's social welfare minister and prosecutors say she must have known tens of thousands were dying.
PHNOM PENH: Cambodia's "Killing Fields" court charged former Khmer Rouge foreign minister Ieng Sary and his wife yesterday with crimes against humanity, the latest members of Pol Pot's inner circle to face justice.
A licensed member of ECUK, it can register members at all three levels, CEng, IEng and EngTech.
A United Nations special envoy on human rights said Friday Ieng Sary, the one-time Khmer Rouge deputy prime minister and foreign minister, should be among those tried by a U.N.-supported tribunal on genocide and crimes against humanity.