IEPCInternational Electric Propulsion Conference
IEPCInternational Ecumenical Peace Convocation (World Council of Churches; Switzerland)
IEPCIndividual Educational Planning Committee
IEPCInternational Energy Policy Conference
IEPCInteragency Emergency Preparedness Council (British Columbia)
IEPCInteragency Emergency Planning Commission
IEPCImagine, Elaborate, Predict, Confirm (reading/learning)
IEPCInternationally Educated Professionals of Canada (employment website)
IEPCIndian Education Promotions Council (India)
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The order, the largest ever for Kuwait's distribution network, will see 3,300 of ABB's VD4 type vacuum circuit breakers installed into 500 distribution substations rated at 11kV, along with switchgear panels and other equipment provided by IEPC.
IEPC is Kuwait's leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for low and medium voltage power distribution equipment and its knowledge of the local market and technical requirements has combined with ABB's expertise in electrical distribution to win this order.
Our open and transparent working relationship with IEPC has been key for the success and in gaining an understanding of the technical needs and operating environment in Kuwait.
ABB has been working with IEPC since 2007 with the aim of making inroads into Kuwait's electricity distribution market, and has said this latest deal represents a major step forward into that market.
Yousef Al-Majed, general manager of IEPC, added: "We now have the challenge of delivering the project in a timely maneer, which will go a long way towards setting us up as a major force in Kuwait.
I must also mention the youth perspective, as many events at the IEPC will look at the role of young people in different issues of violence.
Besides calling us to greater unity for peace, IEPC, with its four "just peace" themes, is a vibrant reminder to the world and the churches that we are called to seek peace together.
Such affirmations open the way to interfaith cooperation, something that is also reflected in the rationale for the Peace with the Earth component of the IEPC when it encourages people of faith from various religions to work at both the personal and the collective levels to contribute to peace with the earth.
Throughout the past decade, the Decade to Overcome Violence and the process leading to the IEPC in Kingston, Jamaica, has focused on some of the most significant challenges to peace, making contemporary the commitment to peace of the ecumenical movement that was one of the core components in the creation of the World Council of Churches in 1948.
We conclude with some challenges and recommendations which might be considered as the focus of workshops at the IEPC.
Besides offering the theological reflections just made, we would also suggest some particular challenges which might be subjects of specific sessions or workshops during the IEPC.
New features in this work are that it espouses a strong ecological dimension, especially focusing on the concept of ecological debt, it analyses wealth creation (not just poverty); hence, the attempt to develop a 'greed line' and it feeds into as well as incorporates the concept of 'just peace', which is integral to the IEPC.