IEPEIntegrated Electronics Piezo Electric (accelerometer)
IEPEInstitute of Energy Policy and Economics (France)
IEPEInstitute of Electrical Power Engineering (Canada)
IEPEInternational Electronic Phaleristic Encyclopedia
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Asi mismo, las aves de T1 (Control) presentaron el ICA y el IEPE mas deficiente (1.70 y 382.86, respectivamente), siendo estadisticamente diferente al resto (p<0.05).
SLICE features onboard signal conditioning and supports a variety of external sensors including bridge and IEPE transducers for gathering measurements like acceleration, displacement, strain, pressure, temperature, and voltage.
The side of the prostate with iEPE was associated with a significant 4-fold higher risk of being associated with iPSM compared to those without iEPE (OR 4.356, 95% CI 2.290-8.287, p < 0.001).
Os sete sitios arqueologicos estudados no municipio de Iepe, SP estao localizados proximo a margem paulista do Rio Paranapanema, nao distantes uns dos outros, numa extensao de 10.800 metros.
The PXIe-9529 features a vibration-optimised lower AC cutoff frequency of 0.3 Hz, and all input channels incorporate 4 mA bias current for integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) signal conditioning for accelerometers and microphones, ideally positioning the module for machine condition monitoring, NVH, and phased array data acquisition applications.
When used with IEPE sensors, it incorporates an integral user-selectable 4 or 10 mA current source with 20 V dc compliance voltage.
Measurement performance is elevated to new levels with 625 k samples / second / channel data rates, true differential inputs with superior common mode performance (CMRR of -120 dB) reducing unwanted noise and interference, an industry leading spurious free dynamic range (SFDR of -125 dB) offering exceptional measurement fidelity, and uncompromised IEPE excitation flexibility, fully programmable from 2 mA to 20 mA, to maximize transducer performance and response.
Para comenzar se describiran los antecedentes y la estructura conceptual del indice de equilibrio entre poderes estatales (IEPE), el instrumento elaborado para medir el grado de equilibrio entre los organos constitucionales en los estados.
22) Iauti onhehe: - Xa putari: remunuca iepe jauti o-je?e fa-puturi re-munuka jepe tortoise 3-speak 1-want 2-cut one cuaxara ine arama; amu ixe arama suaffara ine arama amu ife arama portion 2 to other 1 to 'the tortoise said: I want to separate a portion for you and another one for me' (MAGALHAES, 1876, I, p.