IEPRIntegrated Energy Policy Report
IEPRInstitute for Economic Policy Research (Stanford University)
IEPRIntegrated Engine Pressure Ratio (aviation)
IEPRInverse Elasticity Pricing Rule (economics)
IEPRIndependent Expert Program Review
IEPRInitial Exercise Press Release
IEPRIndependent External Peer Review
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"These patients are a high-risk cohort being treated with EECP for angina; yet during the two-year period following treatment with EECP, we were impressed to find that the greater majority of these patients did not experience symptomatic heart failure," said Georgiann Linnemeier, MD, Director of the IEPR. "This is important because patients with heart failure comprise the most expensive Medicare diagnosis-related group, and can be hospitalized multiple times in a given year, with an average length of stay ranging from 5 to 10 days and average costs calculated to be between $7,000 and $15,000."
"As nearly 74% of patients treated with EECP were considered unsuitable for conventional means of revascularization, these data renew our conviction that in EECP therapy, we have found a remarkable new way to help many patients who otherwise would suffer heavily restricted lives with all that that means for their families and society as a whole," commented Jonathan Jaffe, MD, FACC, chairman of the IEPR Steering Committee.
The IEPR population is confined to consecutive patients receiving Vasomedical's EECP therapy in centers with membership in the IEPR.
"The award for Best Practices in Community College Budgeting included the efforts of not just CLC's Finance department but also Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research (IEPR), Educational Affairs and Student Development, which really evaluated the college budgeting process as a whole, pulling in CLC's strategy, vision and goals.
is questioned due to its highly unequal society (IEPR 2018), higher than average price of goods (Marazzi-Santiago 2018), and an economic recession and staggering debt (Caraballo-Cueto and Lara 2018).
I analyze data from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Research (IEPR) at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), in a sample of 5803 students who took MICRO from many different instructors.
Table 6 The Average Implicit Effective Protection Rates and the Domestic Resource Cost IEPRs DRCs 1968-69 125 1.20 1980-81 66 3.33 1990-91 77 1.44 Source: Kemal (1978), Naqvi and Kemal (1991, 1998).