IEQIndoor Environmental Quality (synonymous with IAQ)
IEQInput Event Queue
IEQImproving Educational Quality
IEQInterstage Equalizer (cable attenuation)
IEQInitial Enrollment Questionnaire (US Medicare)
IEQInstitute for Environmental Quality (Wright State University; Dayton, OH)
IEQIsotopic Equilibrator
IEQInstructor Evaluation Questionnaire (higher education; various locations)
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IEQ benchmarks the quality of the built environment and addresses many factors including lighting, air quality, water quality, thermal comfort, acoustics and ergonomics.
Loud noise can cause hearing loss, stress, alter sleep patterns and affect heart rate based on other IEQ co-factors.
Due to the dry climate, humidification is required for good IEQ, and to maintain adequate research environmental conditions such as the elimination of static electricity detrimental to scientific instruments.
Recent developments to improve the monitoring of IEQ parameters include smart objects, which can manage and control the occupant's surroundings.
Schools that received low ratings in culture had significantly lower measures of overall school performance on the IEQ than those that fostered a healthy school culture (scores of 262 vs.
The focus on indoor air quality (IAQ) broadened to indoor environmental quality (IEQ).
Pure Air Control Services, Inc., can also be easily utilized for emergency IEQ testing and response services with TIPS Interlocal Purchasing System sourcing for governmental agencies.
To address this gap, the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) conducted a major research study on the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) conditions of 300 lab areas and vivariums that are using dynamic control of air change rates.
Since the development of the 1985 Sterling Chart, new scientific studies have been undertaken to better understand occupant health, comfort, and indoor environmental quality (IEQ).
Islets of 1000 islet equivalent (IEQ) numbers were mixed with 3.0 x 10[sup]6 ECs in 500 [micro]l of culture medium.