IER5Immediate Early Response 5
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For, EEF1, IER5, IL2, IL16, EEF1G, PRKCB1, TLR2, NFKB 1and TNF genes, annealing temperature was 58[degrees]C while for CD81, CD84, RPS6KB2, STK17B, CXCR3, MCL1, CCL1, IFNG and NFATC4 annealing temperature of 60[degrees]C was used.
Caption: Fig 1a amplification of selected genes at annealing temperatures 58[degrees]C Lane 1: TLR2 (107 bp); Lane 2: NFKB1 (135 bp); Lane 3: IER5 (125 bp); Lane 4: PRKCB1 (141 bp); Lane 5: EEF-1 (222 bp); Lane 6: IL16 (51 bp); Lane 7: IL2 (183) bp; Lane 8: TNF (08 bp); Lane 9: EEF1-G (222 bp) M: 100 bp ladder
Pattern 3 included 15 genes that were induced only at 2 hr, including immediate early-response genes IER3 and IER5 and a p16 (INK4A) antagonist SEL1.