IER5Immediate Early Response 5
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Immune response genes selected for the study (TLR2, NFKB1, IL2, IL16, TNF, IFNG, CXCR3, CCL1, CD81, CD84, RPS6KB2, STK17B, PRKCB1, MCL1, EEF1G, NFATC4, EEF1 and IER5) were amplified from cDNA of PBMCs (Fig.
Caption: Fig 1a amplification of selected genes at annealing temperatures 58[degrees]C Lane 1: TLR2 (107 bp); Lane 2: NFKB1 (135 bp); Lane 3: IER5 (125 bp); Lane 4: PRKCB1 (141 bp); Lane 5: EEF-1 (222 bp); Lane 6: IL16 (51 bp); Lane 7: IL2 (183) bp; Lane 8: TNF (08 bp); Lane 9: EEF1-G (222 bp) M: 100 bp ladder
Pattern 3 included 15 genes that were induced only at 2 hr, including immediate early-response genes IER3 and IER5 and a p16 (INK4A) antagonist SEL1.