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Model the IERF as three zones (horizontal split): floor, occupied and above head.
Model the IERF as five zones: a single perimeter zone; and adjacent to diffuser, floor, occupied and above head for the core area.
Model the IERF as six zones: combination of case 2 and 3.
In addition temperature performance characteristics were extracted to examine the suitability of the abstractions for modelling the IERF.
The morning of January 15th was selected as the design condition for the IERF. Detailed results from the energy model were extracted for this time and used for a CFD simulation of the IERF.
The top of the image is the exterior wall of the IERF and as can be seen there is entrainment of air towards the baseboard heaters.
Figure 5 shows a cross section of temperature and velocity in the IERF; the external wall is on the right of the image.