IERPIglesia Evangelica del Rio de la Plata (Spanish: Evangelical Church of the Rio de la Plata; Buenos Aires, Argentina)
IERPInterzone Routing Protocol
IERPIndependent Expert Review Panel (various organizations)
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iERP in near future will be a platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge in different genre," said Devanand Gupta, and Medha Gupta.
The RDB and DB are similar number of packets IERP route discovery.
Declaracion de las Iglesias: Evangelica del Rio de la Plata (IERP) y Evangelica Luterana Unida (IELU).
Para cubrir el amplio espectro ideologico del campo evangelico en el pais, revisamos las revistas denominacionales El Estandarte Evangelico (IEMA), Vida Abundante (IERP) y El Expositor Bautista (Convencion Evangelica Bautista Argentina) y las interdenominacionales El Puente, Pulso Cristiano y Prensa Ecumenica, entre enero de 1994 y diciembre de 2011.
The first congregation of the IERP came into being as evangelical immigrants reached the region of the Rio de la Plata in the mid-19th century (1843 in the capital of Argentina; 1856 in Montevideo, capital of Uruguay; shortly after in Asuncion, capital of Paraguay).
Inter Zone Routing Protocol (IERP) adapts existing reactive routing protocol implementations to take advantage of the known topology of each node's surrounding R-hop neighbourhood (routing zone), provided by the Inter zone outing Protocol (IARP).
Work Session: 2011 IERP progress report; regional power and transmission policy update; cash balances and targets.
(63.) If medicine, then an Islamic Medicine Research Program (IMRP); if chemistry, then an Islamic Chemistry Research Program (ICRP); if agriculture, then an Islamic Agriculture Research Program (IARP); if physics, then an Islamic Physics Research Program (IPRP); if economics, then an Islamic Economics Research Program (IERP); if biology, then an Islamic Biology Research Program (IBRP); if psychology, then an Islamic Psychology Research Program (IPsyRP); if architecture, then an Islamic Architecture Research Program (IArcRP); and so on and so forth.
The Interzone Routing Protocol (IERP) for Ad Hoc Networks.
EWEB solar program discussion and evaluation of IERP goals.