IESBInland Empire Strikes Back
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Em um segundo momento, apresenta-se a metodologia empregada no estudo, com a indicacao dos sujeitos de pesquisa (EJ do Distrito Federal), trazendo o foco para o desenvolvimento da EJ do IESB. Em seguida, sao inseridas as analises e os resultados das entrevistas realizadas com gestores de EJ e os questionarios aplicados aos alunos do curso de Administracao do IESB.
The ethical standards adopted by the IESB may be redundant in developed economies, and may not be applicable in developing economies because of cultural, or social/economic factors.
While the IAASB is responsible for setting standards for auditing, review, other assurance, quality control and related services, and facilitating the convergence of national and international standards; the IESB is responsible for setting ethical standards and providing guidance for the accounting profession
Nest distribution.--We used Cochran-Mantel-Hanzel statistics within a contingency table analysis to explore the distribution of nests relative to topographic position (lowland, midland, upland), season (early, late) and management treatment (SLSU, SLSB, IESB).
IESB's first challenge came in 1996, when the state of Bahia announced that it would begin paving the road that connected Itacare to neighboring Ilheus.
Consider the organic cocoa program run by the Bahian environmental group IESB (Instituto de Estudos Socio-Ambientais do Sul da Bahia).
In Bahia, we visited a farmer who had joined a seedling program set up by a local NGO, the Instituto de Estudos Socio-Ambientais do Sul da Bahia (IESB).