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IESEInstitut für Experimentelles Software Engineering (Germany)
IESEInstituto de Estudios Superiores de La Empresa (Spanish business school)
IESEFraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering
IESEInstituto de Estudos Sociais e Económicos (Portuguese: Institute for Social and Economic Studies; Mozambique)
IESEInstitute of Environmental Science and Engineering (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
IESEImprovement and Efficiency South East (UK)
IESEIndustrial Economics and Strategy (Copenhagen Business School; Denmark)
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In his article on page 14, Antonio Davila, professor of entrepreneurship and accounting at Spain's IESE Business School, examines the challenge of balancing the two in the fashion industry.
The GCI report was commissioned by DHL and prepared by Pankaj Ghemawat (Professor at New York University Stern School of Business and at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain) together with Steven A.
Hay muchas escuelas aunque las buenas son unas 20", dice Fernando Penalba, secretario general del IESE Business School.
Pankaj Ghemawat is the Anselmo Rubiralta Chair of Global Strategy at IESE Business School and the Global Professor of Management and Strategy at New York University Stern School of Business.
Jurado graduated in civil engineering from the Technical University of Madrid in 1987 and obtained an MBA from IESE.
Mr Hellebo has an MBA from the IESE Business School in Spain and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Hofstra University, USA.
Both Paddy Miller and Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg are highly credentialed thinkers when it comes to innovation: Miller is a professor based in Barcelona, Spain, at the IESE Business School, University of Navarra; he has taught at Harvard, MIT and the Darden School in VA.
People involved are using open plots and congested areas/communities to break down various components of computers, printers, screens and power supply units in a cruel and bad manner," reveals a recent study being conducted at IESE, SCEE and NUST.
He is currently a strategy advisor and visiting professor at IESE Business School.
For students and practitioners, Cardona (managing people in organizations, IESE Business School, Spain) and Morley (management, Kemmy Business School, U.
Ahmad bin Hazeem, Director General of Dubai Courts; Hans-Martin Stockmeier, Mckinsey & Co; Gary Watts, Partner at Al Tamimi & Co; Amin Nasser, Partner at PwC; Professor Pedro from IESE Business School; were among the panellists and moderators invited by FBN GCC, a private, non-profit organisation that aims to strengthen family business governance and ensure their continuity over generations, while learning and adapting from international best practice.