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The company said that Irkutsk Electronetwork Co (IESK) chose the 3M ACCR overhead conductor as a way to avoid tower construction or right-of-way expansion while nearly doubling power transmission to the city's central district.
Institute for Electronics, Signal Processing and Communications (IESK)
We suppose RusHydro will make an offer to shareholders of Eastern RAO (VRAO RX) and Irkutsk electricity grid company (IESK RU) after overcoming 75% and 30% equity holdings in these companies, respectively.
RusHydro Announces Favourable Valuation of VRAO and IESK
Given RusHydro's placement price of RUB1/share, VRAO and IESK provide an attractive entry into RusHydro, offering 10-12% discounts to RusHydro's current price of RUB0.8/share.
New shares could be paid by cash and/or common shares of Ust'-Srednekanskaya HPP, Eastern RAO, Sakhalinenergo (SLEN RU), Irkutsk electronetwork company (iesk ru) and Irkutskenergo.